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Recent Work > Posers!

Peter's Posers are a series of 13 sculptures that take on the trappings of real life, but with a certain unemotional stare. They can be posed as almost anything the artist or viewer can imagine. Under development in the Fall/Winter of 2014-15, there are now 11 males and two female Posers. In this series of photos, taken with the Poser #1 prototype and two other "brothers" completed as of December 2014, the poses are inspired by celebrities dead and alive, hats, ladders, suitcases, Bible verses, literature, cities, and age-old struggles, among other things. When Peter has installed the Posers in a public setting, passers-by become fascinated by their human-like form, and create a dialog with him about their own experiences with art and life. Because they are designed to be flexibly posed, they will be able to be set up in many places as instant, pop-up, public art, engaging those who may be intimidated by “ART” in traditional places.